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Company News 

COVID-19 is impacting everyone, their families and their businesses.  For our part, EMLAB Genetics is placing a high priority on operating as usual, in spite of the restrictions.    Currently, we are dispatching product to our customers and will fill your order as quickly as possible.   We are here to serve the needs of all producers, both here in America and around the world.  Thanks for your continued business and have a safe busy season!


US & Canadian customers:  The US and Canadian postal systems are operational.     


Overseas customers:   The COVID-19 pandemic is causing delays in shipping and customs clearance, especially with international mail.   However, we are finding that  FedEx Intl. Priority is operating as normal.   When placing orders for dispatch via the postal system, be certain that your country is processing and delivering international mail.   See your local postal website  for country specific notices regarding intl. postal service. 



New Products 

P-TEST Strips 

Available now! P-TEST strips are a cost effective way to effectively determine pregnancy on the farm. Simply collect a urine sample and test. There is no need for expensive blood tests, vet visits, or any other equipment. Now available for use in Sheep and Goats. 

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