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BULLPLUS™ - 0.25

Leave nothing to chance! Beef production from steer calves can be 15-20% higher that heifer calves. By incorporating BULLPLUS into your artificial insemination program you can now sex any straw, increase conception rates compared to conventional semen and get more bulls! Simply mix semen into the BULLPLUS vial, return to original straw, and incubate for 5 minutes. Semen will be sexed and ready for insemination. Reap the benefits of more bulls and more beef in your operation.



BULLPLUS™ - 0.25

SKU: BP025-10
  • Everything needed for sexing a single straw of frozen bull semen is contained within vial.

    Package contains 10, single dose vials for 0.25 ml straws of bovine semen to be used in the the post-thaw sexing of semen.

    Selects for MALE gender. 

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