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Urine Pregnancy Tests

P-TEST™ Livestock

     Do you need to know if your cow or heifer is pregnant?  Maybe you have a valuable recipient that you don't want to risk palpation, or you need to verify a questionable palpation and your vet is not around.  The P-TEST is your answer. 

What is it?

     This is a super simple pregnancy test for cattle using a urine sample.  Just add 1.5 ml of urine directly to the P-TEST vial. The results can be visually read within 1-10 minutes. It's that easy and is better than 92% reliable!

How does it work?

     P-TEST measures the pregnancy hormone, estrone sulfate, using a simple and rapid colorimetric reaction.  In cattle, pregnancy can be detected as early as 60 days from breeding. 


Does the P-TEST™ work with other livestock species?

     Yes, P-TEST can easily detect pregnancy in cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, deer, elk, bison, llamas, alpaca, and camel. But every variety of animal is different.   So, please consult the instruction leaflet below for specifics on how and when to use the P-TEST.   For example, in llama and alpaca, there are two intervals available for pregnancy testing!  The first occurs very early at 21-27 days after mating.   A second opportunity occurs at 250-300 days until term. 


P-TEST  is a trademark of EMLAB GENETICS, LLC.

P-TEST™ Equine

Equine P-TEST is especially formulated for detection and monitoring of your mares pregnancy. 

What is it?

     P-TEST Equine is a rapid pregnancy test that is simple and easy to perform.  In 10 minutes, you can monitor your mare's pregnancy, determine term, and even get an indication of fetal health.  


P-TEST  is a trademark of EMLAB GENETICS, LLC.

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