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What customers are saying about HEIFERPLUS:

"4 heifers from 4 pregnancies from 4 embryos. This stuff is the best!"

     -John Q., Texas USA.


"We call this stuff "heifer magic".  It really works!  We have so many heifers that even our vets are shaking their heads.  In six years of using HEIFERPLUS, we are averaging 83-89% heifer calves!  Keep up the good work."

     -Thomas S., Wisconsin USA.


"HEIFERPLUS is a good product and more than pays for itself.  I will keep using it.  Please send 40 more doses."

"Please ship me more HEIFERPLUS.  Having good success.  12 out last 13 were heifers!  And it helps settle problem cows. Thanks,"

     -Ed P., Minnesota USA.

Ed also reported 17/22(77%) heifer calves, a 2-5% boost in conception rates, and good quality embryos when using HEIFERPLUS with a flush. 

" We like HEIFERPLUS.  We've been using HEIFERPLUS since 2010 on both heifers and cows, breeding once per day.  Average results over that time are 70% heifers"

     -Butch K., Diamond K Jerseys, Tillamook, OR USA

"This stuff really works!  We are using HEIFERPLUS mostly on our heifers and so far are running at 100%.  It is amazing - all are heifers!   16/16 (100%) from our last group and from the group before, 13/13 (100%) heifers.  Conception rates are also excellent.  For example, 13/16 (81%) from the first group of heifers stuck with the first insemination.  Calves have been small and very manageable, including the 4 sets of twins!   But even with the twins, calving has been easy when all the calves are heifers!"

     -Thomas S., Wisconsin USA.


"I am a big fan of HEIFERPLUS.  I think that great products like this are the wave of future genetic improvement.  On our 300 cow Holstein farm we have for the past several years tried to maximize our milk output as well as our heifer output.  Being able to sell a $500-700 dollar wet heifer or a $2000 dollar spring heifer vs. a $100-150 dollar wet bull is a big deal.  Using sexing agents we have been able to get to a 75-80% heifer ratio in our pregnant cows.  Better than just that percent is the fact that we no longer have to sacrifice the quality of bull that we used to get that pregnancy.  I think that is the biggest positive to the HEIFERPLUS product.  You can get other products to get you more heifers, but where can you get more heifers from any bull in the world...not just the ones an A.I. company wants to give you.  We at Walnut Grove Farms believe in products like this and believe in them enough that no non-sexed unit of semen goes into any cow be it 1st or 11th insemination."

     -J.H., Kirkland, IL USA.

"...we tried 15 doses of HEIFERPLUS on our cows and got 3/15 (20%) pregnant and according to ultrasound  3/3 (100%) were in calf with a heifer "

     -E.W., Pennsylvania USA.       


"HEIFERPLUS certainly hasn't decreased our conception rate and seems to have helped settle some of our problem cows"

     -A.M., Pennsylvania USA.    


"Conception rates with HEIFERPLUS are better than with sorted semen and even better than regular semen.  17/18 cows settled with HEIFERPLUS"

     -M.S.,  Wisconsin USA  


"Snake-oil"  That's what we call HEIFERPLUS but whatever you call it, please send more!  The first time we used it on 10 cows, 7 settled.  I had the vet sex the calves with ultrasound (he didn't know which cows were bred using HEIFERPLUS) and 7/7(100%) were tested as heifer calves!

     -D.F., Illinois USA


"We use HEIFERPLUS in our OVSYNC program with our cows and the CIDR's with the heifers.  So far we have gotten 14/37 (38%) settled with HEIFERPLUS (that's both the cows and heifers).   The first three calves on the ground have been heifers!"

     -P.F., Wisconsin USA


"I would like to reorder an additional 10 units of 1/2cc HEIFERPLUS.  I used the original 20 units with the following results to date.  9 pregnancies sexed by ultrasound. 2 bulls and 7 heifers.  I'm a believer."

     -B.J., Rockhaven Dairy, Wasdesboro, NC USA


 "Hi. Broke my leg since I talked to you- Am starting to walk again. Cows are starting to freshen with this - IT WORKS!"

     -Steven B., Ohio USA

" We're running 75% heifers!"

     -Tom M., Sedalia, MO USA 

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