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P-TEST™ STRIP - Sheep & Goat

P-TEST Strip is a simple and fast test to diagnose and monitor pregnancy from the convenience of your farm. Our urine dip-stick test is 92% accurate and can be used for goats, sheep and deer. Everything is included in an easy-to-use strip to detect the "pregnancy hormone" estrone sulfate. Briefly dip into urine and after 1 minute color change will diagnose pregnancy. P-TEST Strip is a low-cost alternative to expensive ultrasounds and blood tests.



P-TEST™ STRIP - Sheep & Goat

  • Everything is included to test one sample of urine.

    Package contains 1 strip.

    Store at or below 20℃ (68℉). Reseal unused product in container during storage. One year shelf life.

    If you have an ongoing artificial breeding program and are interested in pregnancy monitoring, please contact us for more information at 708-442-3964 or

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