P-TEST™ is a simple, colorimetric urine test for monitoring pregnancy.  Works in a variety of livestock species.  1 test per pack.   


SKU: PT01-01
  • This new pregnancy test can be used to moniter pregnancy in cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, and alpaca.  Everything is included in a simple reaction vial to detect the "pregnancy hormone" estrone sulfate.  Just add 1.5 ml of urine and in 10 minutes the P-TEST will reliably determine pregnancy status.   Cost effective alternative to expensive palpation and ultasound.   Accuracy is 92%.   1 test vial/pk.    1 year shelf-life.   
    If you have an ongoing artificial breeding program and are interested in pregnancy monitering , please contact us for more information at 708-442-3964 or email:order@emlabgenetics.com


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