Emlab Genetics was founded by Dr. Timothy J. Williams in 1997.    Dr. Williams received a Ph. D. from the The U. of Wyoming in 1979 specializing in animal and cell genetics.  From 1980-1984, Dr. Williams was a recipient of NIH reproductive physiology post-doctoral fellowship at Colorado State University's Animal Reproduction Laboratory.    During his studies, Dr. Williams invented the world's first cloning method for cattle using the process of embryo bisection.  This process is still used today as a tool in the ET industry to increase embryo numbers, producing identical offspring, and for sexing of embryos.   In 1984,  Dr. Williams worked as a Senior Research Scientist with the Livestock Division of CSIRO at the Tropical Beef Cattle Research Centre in Rockhampton, Queenland.   While in Australia, Dr. Williams researched  beef cattle reproduction specializing in Bos indicus cattle  and embryo transfer technology development.  Here he developed a new method for sexing bovine embryos, one of the first successful embryo freezing vitrification methods, produced the world's first interspecies chimeras in cattle production, worked on some of the early synchronization studies of cattle using PRID's and CIDR's,  pioneered studies in the field of IVF, semen sexing,  and the importation of cattle embryos into Australia using frozen embryos.  From 1987-1989, he led an international team of scientists in a successful project between Australia (CSIRO and AQIS),  and two African nations, Zambia  and Zimbabwe.  The purpose of the project was to import two tropical beef breeds, the Boran and Tuli, into Australia using frozen embryos.   This was the first project in the world to test the IETS Importation Guidelines using frozen embryo technology to import cattle from an endemic foot-and-mouth disease area.  Nearly 100 calves were successfully produced and imported into the mainland of Australia and stand as the foundation of these two beef breeds today in Queensland, Australia.

In 2007, our HEIFERPLUS and BULLPLUS post-thaw sexing technology was released for use in livestock species.   In 2010, HEIFERPLUS sexing technology was developed and successfully tested in the UK.   It is now being used to sex bull semen in the USA, NZ, China, and Europe.  Today, EMLAB GENETICS, LLC continues development of new reproduction technologies and markets over 50 cutting-edge products.  In 2015, a simple urine pregnancy test kit, the P-TEST, was successfully developed and released for use in cattle, horses,and goats.  It is now being sold in four continents world-wide. 

Our Company

Laboratory facilities in Arcola, IL.   Cooperate office in Chicago, IL.   Farming operations in Illinois, USA and Pucallpa, Peru. 

Environment & Sustainability

Agriculture production with sustainability is our goal.


To provide innovative solutions to the needs of livestock producers world-wide. 

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