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26 May 2015:  Christine Poole places another order, and  wants to know "just how does HEIFERPLUS work"?   She reported 9/10 (90%) heifer calves since she started using HEIFERPLUS!   

4-9 May 2015.  EMLAB GENETICS  participates in the exhibition at the 2015 BEEF WEEK in Rockhampton, Qld., Australia.   We promoted BULLPLUS & HEIFERPLUS  for use in AI, ET, and IVF in beef cattle.   It was a great success and there was alot of interest.

24-27 April 2015  EMLAB GENETICS, LLC completes exhibition at the WORLD DAIRY EXPO - 2015 CHINA in Harbin, China.  We promoted HEIFERPLUS for the first time in China dairy industry.   It generated alot of excitement.

6 Nov 2013.  Emlab introduces NANNYPLUS-0.5,  a new single-dose vial for sexing goat semen.   

5 Nov 2013  SHEEP BREEDERS SPECIAL begins with a launch of our newest product, SHEEPPLUS-5.   Sheep breeders have the option to sex 5 doses of semen at the time of insemination.

15 Oct 2012.   WDE 2012 is in the books and it was a great success!  Thank you to everyone that took the time to stop and find out more about our products, especially HEIFERPLUS, HEIFERPLUS-BULK,  and our new HEIFERPLUS-IVF.  

20 Dec, 2011.   GB Bulls of Staffordshire, England reports 290 heifers per 400 calves (72.5 % heifers overall).

NEWS FLASH.  July 12, 2011.  Emlab Genetics is partnering with PROFUR on Finland in testing a male sexing agent for the fox fur breeding industry.  Our newest sexing agent, FOXPLUS,  is being used to increase the number of male fox pups when breeding bluefox females in northern Europe.  First year results look very promising. 


 Group         N           Ave. # pups         No.                  No.     (%)                        No.         (%) 


C     70







1     120







2       20








Control - blue fox females bred with untreated blue fox semen.

Group 1 - blue fox females bred with treated blue fox semen.

Group 2 - blue fox females bred with treated silver fox semen.

N – Number of females bred


The FOXPLUS agent increased the total number of males by 14-18% but also increased the total number of pups produced by 12.7%,    This is a very substantial boost to overall production!

June 1, 2011   Tom McMullin, Sedalia, MO. 65301 reported 9/12( 75%) heifers on several different beef farms in Missouri.

Dec.22, 2010.  Donald Yanada,DVM from Maquoketa Embryos reports excellent ET results with HEIFERPLUS.  His breeding protocol: Double dose inseminations with HEIFERPLUS at 24-30hrs after first observed heat.  RESULTS - 4/4(100%) pregnancy rate and 4/4(100%) heifer ratio!! 

Nov 5, 2010.  When using 0.25cc HEIFERPLUS on Holsteins,  Bill Dennie of the UK reports 33 HEIFERPLUS calves on the ground.  The SEX RATIO at calving was 25 heifers/8 bulls (76% heifer calves!). 

Aug 25, 2010.  Press release from GB Bulls of Staffordshire, England - BULLPLUS & HEIFERPLUS ENHANCED SEMEN

Aug 23, 2010.  GB Bulls of Staffordshire, England reports a HAPPY farmer.  He had just seen the flushing results from two donor cows bred with HEIFERPLUS semen.   Donor I ---  7 grade A embryos and 1 UFO ; Donor II --- 9 grade A and 2 grade B embryos. 

July 15, 2010.  Butch Katen of Diamond K Jerseys reports a 20% boost in heifer numbers and a 20% boost in conception rates when breeding his 11.5 month old heifers with HEIFERPLUS.

May 10, 2010.   GB Bulls of Staffordshire, England reports a 70% conception rate using HEIFERPLUS in Holsteins.  That is a 5-10% increase over industry standard!

May 03, 2010.   Diamond K Jerseys of Tillamook, OR reports a 75% conception rate using HEIFERPLUS in Jersey heifers.   Normal conception rates are 48-50%.  First ultrasound data: 12/20 (60%) heifers.

March 24, 2010.   GB Bulls of Staffordshire, England report their first ultrasound data using HEIFERPLUS.  9/12(75%) heifers!

Feb. 22, 2010.   S & Y Dairy of Kentucky reports a 25% increase in heifers using HEIFERPLUS.  Simon says, "I am very happy"!!

Feb. 19, 2010.   Jaun Antonio Corbos of Mexico flushed 7 Brahman cows using HEIFERPLUS.  He reports 8/10 (80%) heifers from 30 fresh embryos.  20 more were frozen.

Jan. 20, 2010.  Dean Leyman of Keedysville, Maryland reports 15/17 (88%) heifer calves with HEIFERPLUS!

June 15, 2009.  Delton Nolt reported 70% heifers with HEIFERPLUS keeping track using his DHI data.  Without HEIFERPLUS, 45% heifers.   No loss in fertility.  Flushed 10 donors and nearly 100% embryos have been fertile.