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            Sexing agent - BOVINE/FEMALE

Dairy  Producers:   Heifers are your future!  And breeding  decisions are the lifeblood of your operation.  Why leave the sex of the calf  to chance?  HEIFERPLUS can be your most valuable breeding tool in selecting the next generation of heifers.   HEIFERPLUS works with any semen from any bull. 
No. 1 Economic Benefit: For every dollar you spend on HEIFERPLUS, the return from a 10% boost in calving rate and 20% boost in heifer numbers is 10X per annum.   After the second year, that return can exceed 25-50X per annum!  If you are in the purbred business, the returns can be even higher.   Many of our customers will tell you that HEIFERPLUS is giving them the edge to stay in business today.   In these tough times, you need to ask yourself "can I afford to not use HEIFERPLUS?" 
  HEIFERPLUS® Product Details

HEIFERPLUS - SINGLE DOSE VIALS.    Simple to use.  Everything you need for sexing a single straw of frozen bull semen is contained within the vial.  Semen is thawed as usual and then mixed in the HEIFERPLUS vial.  Incubate for 10 minutes and the sexed semen is ready for insemination.


HEIFERPLUS - MULTI-DOSE VIALS.   Our newest product for sexing of fresh bull semen.   For breeding programs that rely on collection of semen from your own bull.   After collection, just mix, incubate, and you are ready to inseminate.    Available in 10 dose vials.    For more information, click on the instruction link below.  

Description of HEIFERPLUS


How does HEIFERPLUS work?   The sexing process "stimulates"  the fertility and motility of the X-chromosome bearing (female) sperm while "slowing" the fertility and motility of the Y-chromosome bearing (male) sperm.   When inseminated, the sperm are "sorted" in the reproductive tract.  The result is more ova fertilized by the X-bearing sperm... producing more heifer calves. 


Are pregnancy rates affected?   Our research team and the experience of cattle producers using HEIFERPLUS have shown that pregnancy rates are excellent  using this product.   Many producers are reporting an 5-25% increase in conception rates!


Handling Instructions:  Protect from light, heat, and moisture during storage and transport.  We recommend transporting the product in a cool, insulated container.


Storage:   Store in the freezer compartment (at or below -20oC) for up to two years.  


Expiration date:   HEIFERPLUS has shelf-life for 2 years from date of manufacture when stored in the freezer. 


Timing of insemination   


Semen sexed with HEIFERPLUS it is no longer conventional semen and requires special handling.   Instead of following the standard AM/PM rule, the new rule is breed a full 16-24 hours after first standing.  For more details on specific breeding protocols, see the HEIFERPLUS Instructions below. 


Please give us a call if you have questions adapting HEIFERPLUS to your specific breeding program.  


See the link below for HEIFERPLUS INSTRUCTIONS

Additional Information:



HEIFERPLUS - SINGLE - DOSE Instructions Sheet        


HEIFERPLUS - MULTI - DOSE Instructions Sheet 


HeiferPLUS Instructions-espanol



HeiferPLUS article


A.I. Gun Warmer    

Incubate on the run!   This tool helps speed things up when inseminating large numbers of cattle.  After mixing the semen with HEIFERPLUS, just load the straw into the gun and incubate semen at the correct temperature (95.6 F) in the AI GUN WARMER.  It will hold up to 10 guns at one time!   This means you can thaw and mix up to 10 straws at once, virtually eliminating the 15 minute waiting time.



Bufalo Femmina Piu' : 


  The successful use of HEIFERPLUS  in water buffalo






 HEIFERPLUS is registered trademark of Emlab Genetics.